v 7.2.0


updated on: June 13, 2013

Tools Used

  • 7-zip
  • Wrye Bash
  • TES4 Edit
  • TES4 Gecko
  • Readme Generator
  • TES4 Construction Set
  • Construction Set Extender
  • Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM)
  • Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE)
  • Better Oblivion Sorting Software (BOSS)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express C++ 2008
  • Credits, Thanks, and Kudos

    First of all, there are SO many people that deserve thanks and kudos, I have undoubtably forgotton some. For that I apologize. If you feel I have left out your name in error, please let me know.

    Bethesda Softworks

    For creating Oblivion, and wasting a hell-of-a-lot-of-my-time.


    An uber personal thanks to JRoush, who not only figured out the actual Oblivion.exe detection formula, and gave me some great advice on how to approach the mod, but also created the AV Uncapper OBSE plugin, the Add Actor Values OBSE plugin, as well as the basis for the Sneaking Detection Recalibrated OBSE plugin. SDR would have been impossible to make without his help.


    Kyoma pitched in and added a couple of great features to the SDR OBSE plugin. One allows you to capture the exact detection value without retriggering the detection, and the other automatically kills all detection by someone who is dead.

    The OBSE / CS Wiki Team

    Their contributions to the modding community deserve no end of thanks. I'd especially like to thank Scruggsy, Ianpatt and DragoonWraith for helping me learn to tweak the new Sneaking Detection Reaclibrated OBSE plug-in.


    A big hats off to ShadeMe for his Construction Set Extender, Runtime Script Profiler, the new OBSE, and various programming tips and expertise. I mean, seriously, it's totally ridiculous how valuable he's been.

    TES Nexus

    The one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.

    Codes, Ideas, and Under-the-hood

    I'd like to thank the following folks who personally allowed me to borrow ideas and coding from their mods:

  • Haarvest & SkyCaptain for NPC fading while sneaking features from Sniper Sneak Skillup and Deadlier Sneaking mods.
  • Deathless Aphrodite for sprinting features from Running Revised
  • Abo for sprinting fatigue ideas from Realistic Fatigue
  • Scanti, for the Night-Eye Shader Switcher OBSE plugin
  • Kuertee, for code from Detect life effect and Night-eye shader
  • Migck, for creating and donating the code for the Night-Eye / Detect Life magic detection assignment and casting features in the SDR NPC Behavior.esp
  • Strategy Master, for allowing me to adapt the code from SM Combat Hide
  • Pacific Morrowind, for allowing me to adapt the code from Sneaky Summons
  • Reneer, for allowing me to create a patch for Reneer's Guard Overhaul
  • Cross-Compatibility

    Thanks to the modders that helped me set up cross compatibility with their mods, and their input in general:

  • The Nice One : Real Sleep Extended
  • Sir Frederik : Oblivion XP
  • tejon : Bare Necessities
  • pimpskinny : Druid Mod Remade
  • Maskar : Basic Primary Needs
  • Mods That Inspired

    A special thanks to the modders/mods that inspired me to take a stab at this (pun intended):

  • cabledevin : Sneak Attack Multipliers
  • JOG : Stealth Overhaul
  • Phitt : Sneak Penalties
  • Haldar : Haldars Mod Pack
  • Reneer : Reneers NPC Sneak Mod
  • Beta Testers

    A big giant hat tip and nod of appreciation to the folks that took time to beta-testing the various pre-release versions, as well as their contributions to the thread.

  • AfroKing
  • Alt3rnlty
  • anithinks
  • Arthmoor
  • Artorius
  • bart1965
  • Demni
  • Didden
  • dreamed1
  • Dubiousness
  • Durakwolle
  • HeyYou
  • hfffoman
  • jaime74
  • Kobal
  • LogicDragon
  • lonewolf_kai
  • maura amalia
  • maczopikczo
  • Mijaja
  • omletted
  • Oromish
  • panther512
  • Question2
  • sean144800
  • Supierce
  • thinkdude
  • WalkerInShadows
  • And finally...

    I'd like to thank the following for their feedback, suggestions, and contributions to the SDR public forum threads and/or advice in the OBSE / CSE forums when I ran into some tight programming spots.

  • abraXas
  • Algryon
  • Alliria
  • Alphanos
  • AndalayBay
  • Aries144
  • beebee
  • bluesky404
  • CarlosS4444
  • charon711
  • Decrepit
  • emptythe
  • Foxzero
  • garx
  • gyshall
  • Illius
  • iRFNA
  • JdeRau
  • Jupiah
  • Kirtai
  • KloHunt3r
  • Maegraer
  • Mahjers
  • mar3usmc
  • Marshmallow
  • MatH
  • Nephenee13
  • OuijaU
  • Peter ID
  • Princess Bridget
  • Psymon
  • selerna
  • Shadowborn
  • spookyfx
  • strudo
  • swingguy0
  • Tekada
  • Tomlong75210
  • visibledark
  • wetblanket
  • whalecakes
  • wkomarecki
  • xxx_tricky_xxx
  • zombiemold