v 7.2.0

3rd Party Mods / Compatibility

updated on: February 23, 2013

General notes on Compatability

Designed to be as compatible as possible

Here are some guidelines to determining potential conflicts with SDR:

    A mod will definitely conflict if it:
  • Attempts to overhaul detection/sneaking game settings and formulas in similar ways to SDR
  • Uses a plug-in that conflicts with Add Actor Values
  • Significantly changes the Sneak values of NPCs (minor changes won't matter much)
    Mods that conflict but are resolvable with .ini settings or optional SDR .esps are those that:
  • Alter the Chameleon refraction effect
  • Modify any of the three main scripts that handle Oblivion's intermediary standard pressure plates and tripwires action triggers
  • Alter the Night-Eye shader effect
  • Alter how NPCs handle Detect Life and Night-Eye magic effects
  • Alter how NPCs hunt down the player after detection
  • Provide a sprinting option
  • Change the Sneak Attack Damage Multipliers
  • Other miscellaneous minor features of SDR that won't break SDR as a whole, but might break a particular feature of it, such as deafness spells if Sound Commands is not installed or overwritten by another sound controller mod.

Using SDR with other Mods

SDR works with other mods in a variety of ways.

  • Designed for SDR : These mods were created specifically to work with SDR.
  • SDR Friendly : SDR is designed to interact with these mods, usually with a patch.
  • Compatible : These mods are compatible out of the box, with no known conflicts.
  • Semi-Compatible : These mods have minor conflicts with SDR that can be resolved through .ini settings, changes in load order, installation choices, or via a patch.
  • Incompatible : These mods have direct conflicts with SDR, and should not be used in conjunction with it.
  • OBSE Plug-in compatibility

    To my knowledge, all OBSE plug-ins are compatible with SDR's OBSE plugin. However, there can be conflicts between mods that by themselves are compatible with SDR, but conflict with other mods due to OBSE plugin conflicts. Make sure to do follow due diligence and double check compatibility information as reported on the home page of each mod/plug-in you install. For example, mods that use the Custom Spell Icons obse plugin are not compatible with those that use the OBME plugin.

    Have a recommendation? Need to report a conflict?

    If you find a mod that you think complements SDR and would like to recommend it, or if you have come across a mod that you think conflicts with SDR, please post it in the SDR Bethesda Forum Thread, along with any notes or recommended settings (either in SDR's ini, or in the mod's ini) that help make it work.

    Following are various mods with conflict/compatibility information and recommendations.

    Designed for SDR

    The following mods were designed to interact directly with SDR's features and require SDR to be installed as a master.

    Sneaking Detection Recalibrated OBME additions

    Download Link: TES Nexus

    Requirements: Oblivion, SDR.esm, OBME

    Brief Description: This addon turns the Blindness, Deafness and Muffle scripted spell effects into three new OBME magical effects, which allow them to included in custom spell making and enchanting. It also adds blindness/deafness spells to enemy NPCs, as well as a few new magic items for the player to find and use.

    SDR Friendly

    SDR was designed to interact with the following mods:

    Bare Necessities

    Download Link: TES Nexus

    Requirements: Oblivion, Bare Necessities, SDR.esm, SDR Perks and Patches [Oblivion].esp

    Interaction: SDR applies penalties to detection based on lack of sleep or hunger values pulled from Bare Necessities.

    Basic Primary Needs

    Download Link: TES Nexus

    Requirements: Oblivion/Nehrim, Basic Primary Needs, SDR.esm, SDR Perks and Patches [Oblivion/Nehrim].esp

    Interaction: SDR applies penalties to detection based on lack of sleep, hunger, and thirst values pulled from Basic Primary Needs.

    Oblivion XP

    Download Link: TES Nexus

    Requirements: Oblivion/Nehrim, Oblivion XP, SDR.esm, SDR Perks and Patches [Oblivion/Nehrim].esp

    Interaction: SDR will pass on any successful undetected sneak attack "assassinations" as experience points. Note: Oblivion XP has a similar feature, but is not as reliable, so I recommend disabling their version.

    Real Sleep Extended

    Download Link: TES Nexus

    Requirements: Oblivion/Nehrim, Real Sleep Extended, SDR.esm, SDR Perks and Patches [Oblivion/Nehrim].esp

    Interaction: SDR applies penalties to detection based on lack of sleep values pulled from Real Sleep Extended.

    Compatible Mods

    The following mods do not directly interact with SDR, but have been recommended by players as enhancing the overall stealth/adventuring experience in combination with SDR. There are no known conflicts with any of these mods at this time. Also, if a mod you are interested in is not listed on this page, assume that it *is* compatible, unless you experience otherwise.

    Overhaul Mods

  • Maskars Oblivion Overhaul
  • TIE: Tamriel Immersion Experience
  • Environmental Mods

  • Darker Nights
  • Dungeon Actors Have Torches
  • Exterior Actors Have Torches
  • Let There Be Darkness
  • Real Lights : The All Natural edition - the original has issues.
  • AI Behaviour Mods

  • Clothing Matters
  • Duke Patrick's Fresh Kills Now Alert The NPCs
  • Duke Patrick's Near Miss Magic And Arrows Alert The Target
  • Put it in its Place - Enhanced Grabbing
  • Crime and Punishment

  • Crime has witnesses : The player can remove Bounties for crimes by either killing the witnesses or coercing (Disposition 100) the witnesses to not report the crime.
  • Hear No Evil : Hear No Evil adds a new layer to gameplay and strategy to Oblivion by making the distance sound travels vary according to your environment.
  • No Psychic Guards Harder Fix :
  • SM Regional Bounty : Provides regional bounties, no-psychic guards, guard knockouts and the option for diminishing bounties as well.
  • Crime and Guard Overhaul with Regional AND Provincial bounty : This mod provides regional and provincial bounties, designed with such mods as Deserts of Aquinas and Valenwood Improved in mind. It also attempts to take the best features from such excellent mods as Reneer's Guard Overhaul, making use of developments in OBSE to vastly improve efficiency. As well as adding in a number of new features.
  • Lockpicking / Chest Cracking

  • Morrowind Lockpicking : This mod gets rid of the lockpicking minigame and introduces Morrowind's realtime lockpicking system to Oblivion. It also features lockpicks of different quality, each with a unique texture.
  • SM Security and Lockbash : Forces you to "pay" a number of lockpicks to access a lock based on your security skill. Also implements a power-attack based lock bashing system.
  • Zumbs Lockpicking Mod OBSE : This mod features an alternative to the lockpicking minigame, complete with three equipable lockpicks, a brand new lockpicking algorithm, an experience system, and criminal charges if you're seen!
  • Disguise and Deception

  • TRN One of the Gang : Allow you to disguise yourself as a guard.
  • Undercover
  • Undercover 2.0
  • Movement

  • P-Froggys Wall Climbing BETA EV : Climb Walls
  • Stealthy Magic Related Mods

  • Silence : Prevents being able to converse with PCs while under silence effect
  • Stealthier Magic : Available through the T.I.E. page.
  • Stealthy Absorbs and Drains v1 : This mod makes Absorb and Drain Attribute and Skill spells non-hostile if your skill in the corresponding school AND your sneak skill are both higher than the casting cost of the spell.
  • Supreme Magicka : Allows attack multipliers for successful sneak attacks with magic
  • Interface Mods

  • No Sneak Eye : Replaces sneak eye with an invisible texture.
  • HUD Status Bars : Allows you to mod out the cross hair and have a status bar showing how much light is hitting you.

  • Show/Hide Recommended Sneak Icon code for HUD Status Bars

    Visual Effects

  • Initial Glow : This removes the persistant glow effect on enchanted armors (and weapons?) - useful in combination with NPCs fade while sneaking so that those with magical armors aren't given away by their glow effect.
  • Effect drain shader initial glow only : Initial Glow missed a spot, so add this too.
  • Combat Mods

  • Duke Patrick's Combat Magic II
  • Duke Patrick's Melee Combat No Recoil
  • Duke Patrick's Combat Archery
  • Companion Mods

    All companion mods *should* be compatible. Yes that includes Vilja.

    Leveling Mods

    All leveling mods *should* be compatible.

    Race and Creature Mods

    SDR has .ini settings that handle many of the more popular mods, plus, users can add any missing races/creatures using the provided format. The following mods already have their creature/races incorporated into SDR's default .ini settings.

  • Cyrodiil Upgrade Overhaul
  • Francesos Creatures and Items - v5
  • Martigens Monster Mod - 3.8
  • Race Balancing Project
  • Miscellaneous Stealth Mods

  • Thieves Arsenal

  • There are lots of stealth related mods out there. The ones I listed here are primarily focused on overall game mechanics and are ones I have either used personally or were recommened by others who used them in conjunction with SDR. If you are looking for stealth related weapons, armor, clothing, or quests, or other stealth game mechanic mods not listed above, you should check out Running 4 Cover's Stealth Mods forum thread. (In fact, a number of the brief descriptions were lifted from it).


    The following mods have conflicts that can be resolved either by changing the load order, tweaking an .ini file setting, or installing a patch.

    Better Cities

      Issue: The Imperial City Arboretum gets all messed up.
    • Cause : SDR Perks and Patches adds a new NPC merchant to the area.
    • Resolution : Make sure to have SDR Perks and Patches load before all the Imperial City / Better Cities mods.
    • UPDATE : This fix is no longer required as of SDR version 7.0.2

    Cava Obscura

      Issue: Sneaking becomes way too easy.
    • Cause : The darker areas reduce the starting point of detection when it comes to lighting, which makes it much easier to hide from your enemies.
    • Resolution : Try setting the iSDRsLightBaseMod game setting to somewhere between 5 and 10, and try boosting the Exponential light bonus to somewhere around 12, in the SDR Core.ini. You have to be careful not to set these values too high, otherwise it becomes way too easy to get spotted out doors.
    • Notes : The "sweet spot" will be different for everyone, so there is no hard set rule on this. You will just have to experiment until it feels right. The best way to test it is to create a new character with the bare minimum skills, and go into a dark dungeon, and see what that is like, and then force the Sneak skill to be 100, see what that is like, and then force add chameleon gear and spells to max out chameleon, and see what that is like.

    Class Advantages

      Issue: Auto-magic Cloak Chameleon Effect Not Apparent
    • Cause : This could be because of SDR's replace Chameleon effect with Alpha Shading. Note that low Chameleon values are almost imperceptable, because the transparency is such a small amount. So it may be hard to tell that the Chameleon effect is really doing anything unless you look at the character from certain angles. The effect is much more noticeable at higher Chameleon levels, 50+ especially.
    • Resolution : Use SDR version 4.5.4 or later.

    Detect Life Effect and Night-Eye Shader

      Issue: Alters the Night-Eye shader effect.
    • Cause : SDR has it's own dynamic Night-Eye shader effect. Having both mods active could cause problems.
    • Resolution : Either disable SDR's effect in the SDR Core.ini file or disable kuerteeNightEyeShader.esp.
      Issue: Alters the Detect Life shader effect.
    • Cause : SDR has it's own detect life shader effects. Having both mods active could cause problems.
    • Resolution : Either disable SDR's effects in the SDR Core.ini file or disable kuerteeDetectLifeEffect.esp.
      Note: that as of SDR version 5.0.2, kuertee's detect life shaders will be available options in SDR.

    Druid Mod Remade

      Issue: Player's body becomes visible when it "transforms" into another creature.
    • Cause : Caused by SDR's Chameleon/Refraction transparency settings.
    • Resolution : Install and activate the SDR Perks and Patches [Oblivion].esp that comes with SDR.

    Duke Patrick's Magic you can Believe in

      Issue: Conflicts with night eye and detect life shaders.
    • Cause : Reported that this mod uses its own system (unconfirmed by me).
    • Resolution : Pick one or the other to handle auto-nighteye/detectlife. I am not familiar with DP's mod, but if you want to disable SDR's, you can do so with the following game settings:
      setnumericgamesetting iSDRsDetectLifeUseCustomShaders 0.
      setnumericgamesetting iSDRsAutoNighteye 0.

    Haldar's Mod Pack

      Issue: Fading NPCs While Sneaking conflict
    • Cause : The "disappearing NPCs while sneaking" part of the mod conflicts with SDR.
    • Resolution : Either disable that part of Haldar's Mod Pack, or disable SDR's NPCs fade while sneaking option in the SDR Core.ini.

    OOO / FCOM

      Issue: Changes to the Sneak Attack Multipliers made by OOO/FCOM are overwritten.
    • Cause : SDR's Perks and Patches.esp is set to overwrite the Sneak Attack Multipliers, and is later in the load order.
    • Resolution : Set SDR's Perks and Patches.ini sneak attack option to 0 (default Oblivion)

    Reneer's Guard Overhaul

      Issue: Guards automatically detect and follow player, even when player should be undetected.
    • Cause : That's how RGO is designed.
    • Resolution : Install the RGO for SDR patch that is now available as part of SDR in the optional files section.

    Supreme Magicka

      Issue: Conflicts with detect life shaders.
    • Cause : Supreme Magicka has its own system for detect life shaders.
    • Resolution : It's best to use either SDR's or Supreme Magicka's, but not both. Both mods allow you to disable their detect life shader options. To deactivate Supreme Magicka's shaders, look for the SupremeMagicka.ini file and use the following: set SMDetectLifeOn to 2. To deactivate SDR's shaders, look for the SDR Core.ini file and use the following: setnumericgamesetting iSDRsDetectLifeUseCustomShaders 0.
      Note: Do NOT set SMDetectLifeOn to 0, even if sounds like it will do the job. It will end up adding the original shader on to whatever else SDR has, creating multiple effects.
      Issue: Conflicts with detect life effects.
    • Cause : Supreme Magicka has its own rules for detect life effects, which can negate the effectiveness of Invisibility and Chameleon spells. Although this doesn't technically break anything in SDR, it does conflict with the overall design of SDR's detection system.
    • Resolution : If you want to keep with SDR's intended design, look for the SupremeMagicka.ini file. Find the following settings:
      • set zzSMTokenScript.bAIDetectLife to 1 ;Set to 1 to allow AI with detect life to see through your invisibility spells
      • set zzSMTokenScript.bVampireDetectLife to 1 ;Set to 1 to allow vampires to be able to see through your invisibility spells.
      It is recommended that you set both values to 0. The default behavior of detect life in SDR is to increase the chances of detection whether or not you have invisibilty active, but it will not actually cancel the spell or prevent you from casting it. See the SDR Core.ini file for details.
      Issue: Targets resist magic attacks if you are sneaking and undetected. (reported, unconfirmed)
    • Cause : Unknown.
    • Resolution : Move the SDR .esps to further down in the load order after the Supreme Magicka .esps and rebuild your bashed patch (if you have one).

    Incompatible Mods

    The following mods are not compatible with SDR and should not be used in conjunction with it.

    • Attack and Hide: Conflicting game setting changes
    • Deadlier sneaking: Game setting and other conflicts
    • More Realistic Sneaking BETA v17: Many many conflicts
    • More Realistic Sneaking with Throat Slitting: Many many conflicts
    • Phitt's sneak penalties: Many many conflicts
    • Proximity Based Sneak Penalties: Many many conflicts
    • Reneers NPC Sneak Mod: Conflicts with NPC's fading while sneaking feature
    • SM Combat Hide*: Breaks SDR's Detection Magic Features
    • Sneaky Summons*: broken when combined with SDR
    • Stealth Overhaul: Game setting and many other conflicts, alters Sneak skill
    • Stealth Overhaul Redux: Game setting and many other conflicts, alters Sneak skill

    *note: a version of this mod is now built in to SDR with permission of the mod's creator.